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This wiki system was setup for (and by) members of channel #electronics on the IRCnet.


From time to time, the ultimate question pops in: "What do you build?". We've setup this wiki, so that members of our channel can easily share their ideas and/or document their projects in one place. So there's some (rather little) chance of some nice projects/howtos portfolio growing up in here in few weeks/months/years/centuries. However, the real idea is to (or at least try to!) fight The CBA. Hard to say how it will work out (I have some rather pessimistic thoughts so far, so i won't share them now), but if anyone wants to share his ideas with others... First step has been made.


Since this wiki was created for use by #electronics members, safety policies are set up so that only people with a created account can contribute in it. Mic suggested, that only a trusted group of users (#electronics members) can add new user accounts and allow others to participate in the wiki. Let's stick to this idea then. So if you're willing to be a part of this wiki (even the smallest part), just let us (pit, michai or domen) know on the channel. We'll setup a new account for you. Also if you're not #electronics member (yet! ;-)), but you'd like to contribute here, just write me an e-mail at e-pit(at) mailbox.


A new (and good IMHO) idea is the #electronics meeting. You may want to read more about it on The Meeting page.